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Bones To Bulk

Nov 29, 2018

It's easier to give up sometimes. Especially when we hit walls in our fitness goals even after we've worked our butts off.  But often it's only as we continue to push that we can overcome those walls.


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Nov 21, 2018

Have you ever doubted the path you are on because of what others have told you or the negative thoughts you've told yourself?  In this episode we take a very personal look at the mental battles we face when trying to change not only our body composition but any goal we set out for.  


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Nov 15, 2018

If you are lifting it can be easy to become obsessed with the numbers.  Your personal bests or the numbers on the scale.  But how do the numbers keep us stuck sometimes?  That's what we are diving into in today's episode.

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Ep. 024 - Age and the Gym

Nov 8, 2018

What does age have to do with the gym, our workouts, and overall take on fitness?  That's what we are discussing in this week's episode. Find more at our website and private Facebook group.

Nov 8, 2018

How does your age affect what you can do in the gym, and should you start lifting if you are not a spring chicken?  We are discussing that and more in this week's episode.


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