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Bones To Bulk

Jan 31, 2019

Food prepping doesn't just save you time and money but it keeps you on track with your fitness goals.  We are diving into everything you need to know to food prep today.


Jan 24, 2019

If you break your muscle groups up into different days typically you are just hitting that muscle group once a week.  Is that enough to see growth or do you need something more?  That's what we are talking about in this week's episode, and I am joined by a special guest.


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Jan 17, 2019

Is the traditional breaking up of your muscle groups enough?  I contend it is not.  Why?  Well let's talk about it.


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Jan 10, 2019

Are you tired of having your muscle gains fall short?  Why is that?  We are diving into the importance of nutrition and why that can make or break you hitting your goals.


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Jan 3, 2019

Are you tired of making the same resolutions and goals year after year?  If so this episode is for you.  


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