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Bones To Bulk

Aug 29, 2019

It's the number one excuse I hear "I don't have time to workout". It's not that you have time, it's that it takes learning how to budget our time and make sure it's a priority.  In today's episode I walk you through a game plan to make sure your gym visit is a priority and gets done.

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Aug 22, 2019

So maybe you feel you are pretty strong, but on the endurance and athletic side you are lacking a little bit.  Let's face it, we could all be better in these areas.  So how do we build that up in addition to our strength?  How to we continue to gain solid lean muscle all while building our endurance? That's what we are...

Aug 15, 2019

When it comes to working out, why do you do it?  Do you have a reason?  A clear goal? Or are you haphazardly wandering in circles with your fitness?  We go deep into the importance of figuring out your why and discuss how to figure it out.


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Aug 8, 2019

Typically we lump being healthy and being fit into the same category.  But should we be doing this?  Is the fitness industry as a whole "healthy"?  We dive into some deep issues in today's podcast.


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Aug 1, 2019

Have you been trying to increase your squat?  It can be challenging right?  You've been pushing hard, but just aren't getting to where you want to be?  Well rest assured, in this episode I share with you how to increase your squat once and for all.

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